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Hello, World!

Hi! I am Cloud668, though you may better know me as Kuzu depending on which part of the Internet you came from. Seeing how a few of the people I know on the Internet have blogs of their own, I decided that I would start one too, and finally spent the two minutes that was needed to set up WordPress.

While I made it sound like this is my first one, it is actually my second blog. My first one, also named After Rain (this name might end up being temporary for this rendition, btw), was a short-lived effort to start an anime-focused plot back in early 2008 that ended up having a total of no more than five posts, and whose existence was completely wiped when the guy who hosted it (along with my fansub group’s site from back then) disappeared. Hopefully, this blog will see a longer tenure on the Internet this time.

With all that said, I don’t actually expect there to be that many, or even anyone, reading this blog, but I hope to use it as an avenue to share some interesting things or my thoughts on things. Here’s hoping you, random Internet guy, would find what I write on here remotely enjoyable to read–or at least killing some time.